Understanding Greek bludgers and their attitude

Andrew Bolt finds the perfect metaphor for Greece’s problems:

Greece?s former finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, says family obligations will keep him away from Friday night?s parliament session to debate the government?s proposed reforms in return for a third bailout?

Varoufakis tweeted that he would be spending the weekend with his daughter before she returns to Australia, where she lives. He sent parliament a letter saying he was voting in favor of the motion.

A Leftist paid a state salary skips work. He farewells his daughter to safety abroad as he votes to load Greece with more debt.

That really says it all. ?

Bludgers right from the very top. Who can trust these wogs?

Their PM calls for a referendum, the population votes No to any deals and then the Greek parliament meets and approves a deal, by offering up the very types of austerity the population all voted?against.

Greece’s parliament has approved a reform package to save the country from financial collapse, and sources in Brussels suggest Athens’ latest plan could form the basis of a massive new bailout worth 74 billion euros (NZ$122.93 billion).

The package was backed by 251 lawmakers out of 300 deputies, according to an unofficial tally, giving Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a mandate to continue last-ditch talks with the country’s creditors before a European Union summit on Sunday.

The vote came after Tsipras urged parliament to approve a package of reforms including a pension overhaul, tax hikes and privatisations similar to those offered by creditors last month, to keep the nation “alive” and in the EU.

The measures, submitted in Brussels on Thursday, sparked criticism from hardline members of his radical left ruling party Syriza, about 10 of whom abstained from or voted against them. Opposition parties, however, helped push them through.

These bludgers are addicted to debt, and addicted to other people’s money.

Time for it to end.


– Andrew Bolt, a newspaper