Understanding Labour’s Donations

Fat Tony

Looking back at the donation returns for the Labour Party since the beginning of the MMP era, you can see why Labour have been dead set useless since Clark left and Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams stopped shaking down donors.

Since Fat Tony jacked it in Labour have scarcely raised any donations worth mentioning, and have basically being surviving on dodgy use of Parliamentary Services budget and taxing MPs.

Different disclosure rules over time mean that different rules mean different amounts need to be disclosed but overall this has little effect on the donation totals.

The important thing to note is that Fat Tony pulled in a lot of money in 1999, 2002, 2005 and being as cunning as a shit house rat managed to shake down people in 2007 before the Election Finance Act came into play. 2008 proved to be a bit harder for Fat Tony, but he still managed a decent total. ?

Don?t be fooled by the 2012 donation, that was all one estate giving money to Labour, and word inside Fraser House is that they did not know the money was coming. Take out the Dalley Estate and Labour didn’t have a single donor over the declarable amount.

Moira Coatsworth and Tim Barnett were atrocious at fundraising.
Labour Donations
Total Donations
1996 ?$65,327.00
1997 ?$280,000.00
1998 ?$20,055.90
1999 ?$1,115,375.00
2000 ?$35,000.00
2001 ?$107,525.00
2002 ?$671,719.00
2003 ?$54,000.00
2004 ?$369,951.00
2005 ?$930,977.04
2006 ?$140,988.04
2007 ?$1,030,446.39
2008 ?$422,917.00
2009 ?$10,063.00
2010 ?$56,720.00
2011 ?$225,200.00
2012 ?$430,259.33
2013 ?$-
2014 ?$251,000.00
Total? ?$6,217,523.70
With such a low level of corporate/union donations you really have to wonder why Labour gifts the unions so much control in the running of their party. Of course the unions provide vehicles, man power and resources which aren’t declarable, but they do seem rather parsimonious on the donation front.