Will David Parker now apologise after Police reject his vexatious complaint?

The police have cleared me of any wrong doing over David Parker’s vexatious complaint to Police.

A scumbag reporter at a newspaper reports:

Not so Dirty Politics after all.

That’s the message from police over a blogger accessing Labour Party computer systems to gather financial and membership details.

The country’s most senior detective Rodney Drew today told the Labour Party that “there is no evidence of criminal offending”.

“While the matter may raise privacy and ethical issues, these are not the domain of criminal law.”

It’s almost a year since details of the 2011 intrusion were described by journalist Nicky Hager in the controversial pre-election book Dirty Politics.

Hager wrote how Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater conspired with a staff member in the Prime Minister’s office, Jason Ede, to access Labour Party information through a hole in its website. He reported how Ede had avoided being identified by using a “dynamic IP address” which meant efforts to track him failed.

The details revealed in the book led to the Labour Party complaining it had been hacked, among other claims. The other matters were dismissed by police last year. The reason, in a letter from Mr Drew, was that the “only evidence being relied on was contents of Mr Hagar’s (sic) book and the entities and persons named did not want to pursue any action”. ?

The letter from Mr Drew spelled from Mr Hager’s name wrong and the name of the Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett.

Mr Barnett – “Barnnet”, according to police – said the police conclusions were “unbelievable”. He said the party was considering further action.

The full Police letter is here:

Letter to Hon David Parker from NZ Police

David Parker scurrilously attacked me, Cathy Odgers and Carrick Graham in parliament over this complaint.

Maybe he can take time out of his wife stealing activities to apologise. I will write to Andrew Little seeking such an apology now.

Tomorrow I will outline the actions of Dirty Media journalist David ‘Tainted’ Fisher over this story.


– David ‘Tainted’ Fisher, a newspaper