Will Greece be the last gasp of Marxist delusion?

The left wing are all enamoured that the dodgy Greek socialists flipped the bird at the EU.

They think this is cool and even Chris Trotter rolled out the “death of neo-liberalism” epithets.

It’s hogwash of course…neo-liberalism didn’t sink Greece, dodgy socialists drunk on other people’s money and lazy to boot sunk Greece.

Janet Daly explains in words even simple-minded socialists can understand.

Which of these do you find more repugnant: an autocratic European Union which is no longer bothering to conceal its intention to displace an elected government, or a shambolic clique of Left-wing fantasists who are propelling a country ? and its hapless population ? into economic ruin and political chaos?

It?s a tough call, isn?t it? Whatever happens in the Greek referendum on Sunday, it will not be the end of this pantomime. In fact, it is intended not to be the end, in spite of the Greek prime minister?s bizarre assertion last week that he could guarantee a deal would be made with the country?s creditors within 48 hours of a ?no? vote ? when, in fact, a ?no? vote would effectively guarantee the impossibility of making such a deal since the answer ?no? is a rejection of meaningful concessions to the creditors.

There is no point any longer in trying to make sense of this. It has gone beyond sense. It is now incomprehensible in the strict technical meaning of the word. The ?options? available are all catastrophic and delusional in varying degrees and combinations, and nobody is actually going to get to choose between them anyway ? at least, nobody in Greece. To the extent that they have had any involvement ? or culpability ? in this matter, the Greek people must come to terms with the consequences of electing Russell Brand to head their government. Voters do have some responsibility for the choices that they make. That is what distinguishes mature democracy from the students? union. But given the price that they are paying for that moment of mad frivolity, it seems harsh to condemn, especially as the prospect of fiscal rationality had already been ruined by the fecklessness of previous governments and external forces beyond their control.

The government blames the EU, but the voters and their spendthrift ways and their addiction to unaffordable socialism is really to blame.

The fantasy economics of garbled Marxism, in which populist histrionics feature more than dialectic, is having a quite spectacular burn-out in Greece. The answer to everything is to tax the rich more and distribute money that does not exist. This isn?t an alternative plan: it?s an alternative reality. The very idea of money having any fixed value is a function of capitalist mythology which can be dispelled by simply refusing to accept its terms ? which are just a conspiracy against the working class.

This economic illiteracy is peddled here by the SNP and the Greens, and occasionally by Labour depending on what day of the week it is. In France, the electorate has been undergoing a quick refresher course in its limitations.

Those who express kind-hearted sentiments about the Greek plight ? as if the realities of lending and borrowing money between nations was just a grand fiction which could be written off without repercussions ? unwittingly make use of this Marxist theology. The value of money is not objective: it can be politically decided. Which is true, of course, if you are willing to live in a closed totalitarian society like the old Soviet Union where the value of the currency can be artificially determined and maintained. What happens when the wall comes down is not pretty. Your country and your people are left with a meaningless pile of notes that nobody else recognises. In the real world, and especially in a globalised economy, currencies may only be arbitrarily valued (or devalued) at will if you are prepared to take the consequences. East Germany and Russia both learned that lesson. Why are we still arguing about it?

Because socialists are stupid. Look at the activists of Labour and the Greens and their comments on Greece to know that the truly stupid walk amongst us here as well.

What we are seeing now is not just a struggle about debt, or national power, or even democratic accountability. This is really the endgame for the great mythical beasts of the last century. First, there is post-war Europe?s fear of its own populations which no one has bothered to re-assess for 50 years. Then we have the last gasp of Marxist delusion which uses 19th century social conditions to understand the post-industrial world. Surely we should be able to move on. We don?t want another 100 years of this, do we?

The rest of the world is moving on, Greece will be left behind…the very foundation of democracy sunk by their own stupidity.


– The Telegraph