Will the Wharfies Fund Phil Goff’s Mayoral Campaign?


Phil Goff, nice and cosy with the Maritime Union

The Maritime Union of New Zealand, MUNZ has been in dispute with the Ports of Auckland because the Ports of Auckland want them to do more than 26 hours actual work a week, and not get paid way more than teachers, policemen and firemen based on three weeks training.

These ratbags start on $92,000 and some make as much as $127,000 but they are still annoyed at the Ports for not paying them more and working them less.

By coincidence everyone knows Phil Goff is dead set useless at fundraising, and can?t run for mayor without a big war chest. ?

So the extremely wealthy Maritime Union could easily fund his campaign with their massive surplus of union funds. The Maritime union currently has $11,877,039 in equity, and investing even a small percentage of this, like 5%, would be enough to get Goff elected mayor.

Then they would be able to get payback by getting Goff to straighten out the Port and raise salaries and reduce hours.

This is a standard play in the US, where the union movement buy Democratic candidates who then pass on massive pay rises to the union members. It all goes swimmingly until the unions? greed ends up bankrupting the city like has happened in Detroit or Stockton CA.


When you only have a bit over 2500 members and nearly $12m on hand you can easily afford a lazy half mill to get your candidate to win the election.

Phil Goff, nice and cozy around the board room table with the Maritime Union

Phil Goff, nice and cosy around the board room table with the Maritime Union