Act on the PPTA and Charter Schools and union blacklists

The ACT party ‘Free Press’ newsletter came out yesterday and provided this commentary on the PPTA and their attitude towards charter schools.

Seriously Unethical Behaviour

The Post Primary Teachers’ Association are plumbing new depths.  First they blacklisted a trainee teacher who worked at a Partnership School from doing training placements at schools where their members teach. The PPTA knows very well that training placements are essential to teacher registration, and their biggest criticism of Partnership Schools is that they can employ non-registered teachers. (As a side note, this condition only applies if the Partnership School provides suitable justification for doing so, e.g. no registered teachers have the skills they seek).

The Teacher Come Forward

The teacher was initially unwilling to speak publicly.  His story is worth reading: ‘Mr Kahukiwa started teaching te reo Maori and music at Te Kura Hourua O Whangarei Terenga Paraoa in Whangarei at the start of the year. He sought out the school after meeting some of its students at the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Cassino in Italy last May, where he was with the Royal New Zealand Navy. “All of us in the military, when we met those kids, we knew there was something special going on,” he said. “I just thought, oh well, whatever a charter school is it works for these kids, I want to be part of it.” 

Mr Kahukiwa said the first he knew of any issues was three days into his next placement, at Tikipunga High School in May. Once the school found out he was from a charter school, the board asked him not to return. “I was just astounded,” he said. “I had no idea why or what was going on. I’m just one teacher trying to do what [the PPTA members] all joined for, which is educate kids, uplift the kids and share my skills.”  The full story is HERE.

And then…

The interesting thing is the PPTA’s response: “After opposing the charter school policy all the way through the legislative process, PPTA members decided that it would be consistent and principled to continue this opposition when charter schools are established… it’s the same as a business not wanting to sell something to a competitor because they don’t want to be copied by them.”  In other words the PPTA are not employed by the education system, they ARE the system.  This 70’s trade union attitude lets down the esteem of the whole teaching profession.

The PPTA think, wrongly, that they own and control the education system. They aren’t there for the kids, they are a union and this action proves that they only care about feather bedding and control. They aren’t interested in parental choice, only patch protection.

It is time that the teacher unions were treated in the same way a monopoly business is treated…like Telecom…split up and made to compete.


– ACT Free Press


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  • In Vino Veritas

    What needs to happen is for Boards of Trustees in schools to grow a set of cojones. They need to set the ground rules and the staff in the schools need to tow the line. Make the Unions take action and tidy this up once and for all, since the Unions will lose. Again. Since they are nothing but poseurs, yesterdays people in a time they don’t understand, or want.

  • Souvlaki

    I blame National for not jumping on this like a ton of bricks ! Can anyone on this forum ever remember a worse Minister of education ?

    • BigDogTalking

      Well yes, any Labor minister of education because after all they support the PPTA (Labor). The shame is that this government is not taking the axe to unions generally and this one in particular.

  • The Veteran

    The BoT is the employer. They bowed to Union pressure. In Vino Veritas has it about right.

  • TriGeekNZ

    It’s really disappointing that National aren’t making more of this. It’s great for Act as we can show how poorly the Unions conduct themselves but really National should be all over this.

    • spanishbride

      Which is why ACT get my Partty vote next time.

  • timemagazine

    PPTA= Bolsheviks

  • Forrest Ranger

    National and Ms Parata in particular are missing a monumental opportunity here to deal to the PPTA. They can paint the PPTA as out of touch and living in the 70’s with their socialist, everyone should be the same thinking.
    They should stand up for this teacher and direct a school to give him the training he needs to complete his qualification.
    Hopefully it will lead to industrial action from the PPTA which every parent in this country will be extremely annoyed with and will blame the union, not the government.
    In comments below the BoT is cast as the employer but in fact it is the Ministry of Education who pays the salaries and should be directing the teachers/ principals to do as they are told.

  • endofthewld

    PPTA are cowards, their members cowered into submission, fearful of their job prospects if they dare to speak their minds. Animal Farm on high heels.