Anmol Seth: The man responds



Anmol Seth: One of his companies is called the Billionaire Boys Club Limited

by Stephen Cook

CONMAN EXTRAORDINAIRE Anmol Seth has spoken.

In a muddled and quite illogical retort to claims he?s swindled millions of dollars out of Indian investors, Seth had this to say:

?This such an old story which they keep trying to duress me thru different means and when unsuccessful they oppress me thru a new person.

?I did suggest [Editor:?Name redacted] to not open the hotel as he seemed without proper support none the less he was on the road without income; so helped him including giving the deposit for purchasing the hotel.?

He has email trail and minutes from meetings in regards my advice to the same but pretty sure you are not privy to it.? ?

Seth goes on.

?His friends have since [Editor:?post failure of the hotel] texted and already approached me to help him go to media for Graham [Editor:?Auckland lawyer Graham Hare]. Again pretty sure he has not made you privy to it.

?They also tried reaching and requested me meet with them which I turned up to meet and clarify but no one showed later got text that they watched from far away, again pretty sure you are not made aware of this.

?They have tried to detract my affairs thru other means and authorities but have not been successful as I have had nothing to hide. I hope if they have the findings they would have shared with you but probably not as nothing was there despite the attempts.?

But wait, there?s more ? or is there?

One of the many faces of Anmol Seth

One of the many faces of Anmol Seth

?So he has just chosen you as a vehicle hence would have appreciated you waited for me to revert because of my workload. So I really didn’t get a chance to respond earlier.

?I wish you well; but see you are being duped the same way as I was. He has all the signed loan agreements for taking advances from me; than the other way round. Again pretty sure you are not aware of it.

?Hence it is the funds returned were my own hence no one entertained their request after we shown the paper trail of these agreements. It was suggested that it will be better for me to rebuild my losses which is what I am trying to do.?

Finally, Seth says this.

?Riddle yourself this same why the same small group of people with tainted history keep popping up again and again.

?I hope this resolves your concerns and wish you retract the article so that you don’t feel your own credibility is tarnished in findings hidden from you.?

We?ll leave this for you to judge.

What we know is that over the past decade, smooth-talking Anmol Seth has built a formidable reputation on the broken hopes and dreams of vulnerable Indian investors who have sunk millions of dollars into his bogus companies.

Seth ? who resides in Flatbush, Auckland ? operates at least 50 fictitious companies in New Zealand under the umbrella of the ?Anmol Group? and regularly posts on Facebook and Twitter about his glamorous jet-set lifestyle and involvement in multimillion-dollar business deals.

Through those bogus companies, it is understood Seth ? who poses as a qualified lawyer and accountant – has made large GST claims on start-up ventures that never materialize.

On one of his many websites, the practiced con and consummate liar claims ?we offer a world of opportunity which encourages people to help each other succeed, and achieve excellence through continuous improvement and innovation?.

The reality is this.

His company?s offices in Wellington?s Lambton Quay do not exist, photographs of his private plane, Rolls Royce?s and gold watches are lifted from the internet and his company websites and letters are littered with spelling and grammatical errors.

Seth has even posted his own Wikipedia page, claiming the ?Anmol Group? has hotel, vineyard and distillery interests.

All of this is a giant ruse to con money out of Indian investors.


cookStephen Cook is a multi award winning journalist and former news editor and assistant editor of the Herald on Sunday.