Anthony de Malmanche chooses the devil he knows over a possible death sentence

He must have had the word that his hosts won?t react well to an appeal, and he is to consider his current sentence favourable.

As cock tax goes, that one has to be a record breaker – he never even got to have sex with the woman once.

A Kiwi jailed for 15 years in Bali after being convicted of smuggling methamphetamine into the country for his online girlfriend will not appeal.

Antony de Malmanche, from Whanganui, was arrested on December 1 last year after he was caught with 1.7kg of methamphetamine in his backpack when he arrived at Denpasar Airport.

He claimed he had been set up as a drug mule – by his girlfriend Jessy who had met online.

The 53-year-old avoided the death penalty after a trial in Bali earlier this year but was jailed for 15 years.?

His lawyers initially said they would appeal the verdict. Prosecutors indicated they would also appeal for a harsher sentence.

But Bali’s district court says it didn’t receive notice by the deadline – from either de Malmanche or the prosecution – and has declared the sentence final, 3 News reported tonight.

An appeal could have seen the sentence increased to the death penalty.

Most likely the simple fellow made a simple choice.

Still, let this be a lesson to you…don’t let the little head do the thinking.


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