Bar without booze fails. No shit

Some people have more money than sense. ?And the result is, they end up with less money and no sense.

Auckland’s night-time revellers have spoken – there’s no room for a dry bar in the city.

Tap Bar, the country’s first alcohol-free bar, has shut its doors after only five weeks of business on Karangahape Rd.

Co-owner Grady Elliott said he was applying for a liquor licence and would relaunch as a nightclub.

“We gave it a shot and Auckland drinking culture just didn’t tie in with the dry bar. No one showed up,” he said.

Tap Bar, which stands for The After Party, charged a $15 entry fee and non-alcoholic drink prices started at $5.

It opened at midnight and hoped to attract customers spilling out of neighbouring nightclubs at 4am closing.

Elliott said the bar had a few customers but they drank water and little money was passed over the counter.

“We took it by the balls and gave it a punt. We knew it could have gone either way and we were prepared for it,” he said.

Actually, you got punted in the balls. ? Stupid idiots deserve that. ?Like that idiot that decided to pay all his staff at least a “living wage” of $70,000 per year discovering his business was no longer economic to run.


Take note, and never go into business with people like that again. ?And if you do, make sure you take all the money up front.