Clinton lied. She did send Emails ‘Classified from the Get-Go’

Hillary Clinton

Truth Revolt reports:

Since the private email controversy?first came to light, the Clinton camp has maintained?that the former Secretary of State never sent or received any emails on her unsecured server that were classified at the time.?But an?examination of Clinton’s emails conducted by Reuters?found that?the facts “undermine” that claim, the outlet determining that dozens of?emails?contained information that was?”classified from the get-go.”

The news outlet examined the available details?of the dozens of Clinton’s emails that have since been stamped “Classified” retroactively. According to?Reuters, the details (including?dates, letters, and classification numbers) reveal that dozens?of these emails “are filled with a type of information the U.S. government and the department’s own regulations automatically deems classified from the get-go ? regardless of whether it is already marked that way or not.” ??

In the small fraction of emails made public so far, Reuters has found at least 30 email threads from 2009, representing scores of individual emails, that include what the State Department’s own “Classified” stamps now identify as so-called ‘foreign government information.’ The U.S. government defines this as any information, written or spoken, provided in confidence to U.S. officials by their foreign counterparts.

This sort of information, which the department says Clinton both sent and received in her emails, is the only kind that must be “presumed” classified, in part to protect national security and the integrity of diplomatic interactions, according to U.S. regulations examined by Reuters.

Reuters turned to?national security expert?J. William Leonard, a former director of the U.S. government’s Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) for his expert opinion. Calling the?information in the emails in question undoubtedly?”born classified,” Leonard told the outlet that anyone attempting to portray it otherwise was “blowing smoke.”

“If a foreign minister just told the secretary of state something in confidence, by U.S. rules that is classified at the moment it’s in U.S. channels and U.S. possession,” said Leonard.

As for Clinton’s claim that she?did not send or receive “material that was marked or designated classified,” Reuters shreds?that argument by pointing to the federal government’s standard nondisclosure agreement, which “warns people authorized to handle classified information that it may not be marked that way and that it may come in oral form.”

In total, Reuters found that within the 30 email threads it reviewed, Clinton personally sent at least 17 emails with the “born classified” information, and received dozens more. “Clinton and her senior staff routinely sent foreign government information among themselves on unsecured networks several times a month, if the State Department’s markings are correct,” concludes Rueters.

Reuters notes that the State Department “disputed” its analysis “but declined requests to explain how it was incorrect.”

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Hillary Clinton has big, big problems…her lies are being unpacked.

The only thing currently keeping her in the race is the lack of alternates.


– Truth Revolt