Coke’s latest PR move against obesity outrages troughers


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If there?s one thing that fires up public health activists it?s when companies they target launch initiatives that seek to address concerns about their products.

The tobacco industry failed miserably in this and lost the war against anti-tobacco activists and their academic troughing mates.

But with tobacco now old news, the activists needed to find a new enemy and something to use the same anti-tobacco tactics against ? things like tax increases, marketing restrictions, sponsorship bans and health warnings, to name just a few.

With obesity concerns increasing, sugar quickly has became the no.1 enemy. ?

So when the New York Times ran a blog post ?Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets?, it guaranteed a negative response from academic researchers troughers making a living from sucking from the taxpayers? tit as academic activists.

The line they use is that they?re ?independent? and any scientist or public health researcher who takes money from companies like Coca-Cola is tainted, biased and should be cast out from the sainted halls of academia.

Troughers hate it when there?s a chance people may get to see and hear an academic voice other than their own, so will be doubling down on Coca-Cola?s latest PR support for a Global Energy Balance Network, especially this bit:


Troughers like international jet-setter Boyd Swinburn, $11 million dollar woman Cliona Ni Mhurchu, Stefanie Vandevijvere, Helen Eyles, Wilma Waterlander instead favour push polling in an attempt to lobby government for sugar taxes.

These troughers will be incandescent with rage at comments by Global Energy Balance Network comments that:

?We want to educate the world better on energy balance so people have a better understanding of what it takes to maintain a desirable weight and so forth. And that?s why we?re creating ? in the early stages, we just got approval for the funding ? to establish a global energy balance network. So we need to discover what is really causing this epidemic and how do we change it? Well, we want data.

We want actual data on energy balance ? what happens over time and then we want to communicate what we find in those studies to the world, not just a few scientists that read some of our scientific journals, but to everybody ? teachers, university people, public health people, corporations, not-for-profits, etc. We want to reach everybody with this and help them better understand energy balance, healthy nutrition, healthy physical activity.?

They?ll no doubt call the Global Energy Balance Network a front-group, unlike their own @ProtectOurKidsNZ front-group.

The difference is however that with the Global Energy Balance Network the names of the scientists and academics involved are clear for all to see.

It makes you wonder why @ProtectOurKidsNZ is too gutless to put the names of those involved with this group on their Facebook page ? especially when they think they’re the voice of science in New Zealand.