Colin Craig talked to Sean Plunket yesterday


There is no love lost between Sean and me ever since I called his Mrs out on wanting to start a public boycott of … well, me really. ? But he didn’t let that get in the way when he had Colin Craig on.

Listen to the interview here [8:45]. ?

It is interesting to note that Mr Craig appears to think the Hager book did very well and was well received. ?A “best seller” even. ?Not only that, he thinks his booklet is in the same category – full of revealing details and email bits from “Whaleoil”. ? He even suggests there may be a real book in it one day.

Because attack politics, albeit perfectly legal, is something Colin doesn’t want.

All that’s fine with me.

What Colin wants to do is silence me. ?After fawning over Hager, he can now join the left in trying to shut down free speech and open scrutiny of political players.

He can have his say, he can send booklets, and he can write books. ?He can even start a blog and do politics the way he thinks it needs to be done.

But what he can’t do is prove that he was defamed. ? And that, my dear readers, is why Colin Craig will never file papers with the courts. ? He said he would file them last Friday, now he says he will file them sometime.

Just like he did with Russel Norman and The Civilian.

On the upside, Colin may find a new career as a best-selling investigative journalist, just like his idol.



Who is Johnny Westbridge, and how does he know my IQ?

Johnny, it’s not what my readers believe. ?It’s what will stand up in court. ?I’m quite excited about that to be honest. ? Mr Craig will already know (well, I hope he does), but if not – discover, that he’s built a house of cards on faulty assumptions, and any dreams this will “once and for all” take me and my low IQ out of the picture are rather fanciful.