Does Amy Adams have the integrity to out domestic violence in National?


All sorts of commentators have been praising Amy Adams for attempting to address domestic violence. They are practically sycophantic with their praise.

There is good reason for wanting to end domestic violence as Duncan Garner clearly states.

I want to congratulate Justice Minister Amy Adams for tackling domestic violence.

There were more than 57,000 domestic incidents last year. ??

There’s one every five minutes. There’ll be another case just in the time it takes to read this column.

Police spend 41 per cent of their frontline response time attending domestic incidents. It’s corrosive for families and costly to the state, costing $1.4 billion a year to police.

That’s seven times the cost of the Working for Families package which helps struggling working families get by. Of course I’m less concerned about the financial cost than the terrible impact domestic violence has on families affected by it.

The big question for Adams is not whether she can win over the liberal elite in the media.

A Minister with integrity would take direct action to out those who have a history?of domestic violence yet still remain in senior positions in her own political party.

It is never ok to shake the shit out of a woman. Or to kick a door down to get to her. Or to yell and scream at her so all the neighbours know about it. Or to allow her pet to die by not giving it medication.

Likewise it is not ok for a minister to stand up and make bold statements about domestic violence without personally taking a stand and saying it is unacceptable for office holders of a political party to have a history?of domestic violence.


– Fairfax