Fonterra parties on while Farmers seek mental health counselling

Photo/ Supplied - via tipline

Photo/ Supplied – via tipline

Whilst farmers are taking huge hits as dairy prices continue to track low – Fonterra still has the money to throw small party gatherings at Auckland CBD restaurants.

Last night a group of Fonterra executives partied at Vivace in High Street.

Whilst it was apparently for a couple of staff who were leaving – now is not the time to be seen in public spending up on the company credit card. ?

Particularly because it is also reputed that over 100 dairy farmers have committed suicide in recent times under huge financial duress.

Fonterra just don’t get it. Sure people can be farewelled but it’s the perception that has to be managed.

Getting on the turps with plenty of wine and food in a local restaurant isn’t smart no matter how big or small the cost.

Because at this time Fonterra should be pulling all stops to be seen to be cutting costs. And a great place to start is the frivolous costs associated with social outings.

Ask a dairy farmer if he will be taking his wife and kids out for dinner in the near future. Probably not. Enough said.


– tipline