Guest Post: Global warming gets a hot flush

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James Hansen is generally considered the godfather of global warming alarmists. He recently retired from NASA?s Goddard Institute. What he says is swallowed by his followers and a na?ve press without a dissenting murmur or a moment?s checking.

He, and his fellow warmists, are working in overdrive to produce as much shocking material as possible in the run up to the all important Paris conference when the world?s leaders are supposed to dip into our pockets like never before to stop the rise of CO2. According to Hansen this is the planet?s last chance to save us from a scary scenario of rising sea levels, record droughts, catastrophic storms, horrendous loss of life ? in fact every conceivable negative effect you can imagine.

Hansen has been leading from the front. His latest paper is a monument to idiocy and gratuitous, publicity-seeking, humbug. He and a bunch of no-name sycophants have predicted a warming of ?at least 2 degrees? (would have been nice this morning!!) and ?sea level rise of 3 metres by 2100? with another 2 metres within a ?couple of decades?. The paper contains unscientific language describing ?super storms? wreaking havoc around the world. (Can feel a movie in the making? Where are you Sir Peter??)

Several telling events accompany this madness. ??

  1. The paper was released by a contracted PR company in an endeavour to maximise coverage. That is an anathema to serious scientists who have always let their research speak for its self and have kept their heads down to avoid politicising issues.
  1. The paper has not been peer reviewed. That?s a no-no for any research centre or scientists who have an ounce of integrity. It is so outrageous and poorly researched it will need a very tame peer review process that will close one eye and sign.
  1. Most of all the paper is so off the wall even the most diehard warmists are red faced. Crazies like Michael Mann of hockey stick infamy and Kevin Trenberth, who claimed sceptics should banned to the outer kingdom are fast distancing themselves from Hansen?s rubbish. Trenberth talks of ?flimsy evidence? and ?rarely used techniques?. Mann found it ?rather far fetched to me?. Generally the whole scientific community is running a mile.
  1. However our illustrious media were not fazed. TV1 ran the whole Hansen story, hook, line and sinker even showing mocked up pics of cities under 3 metres of sea rise. The Herald made no editorial comment despite the exaggerated numbers being absurdly different to even the IPCC?s wild scenarios created from models that look more and more out of line.

Incidentally sea levels have been rising steadily for a couple of centuries at about the same rate ? 10 to 15 cms per 100 years. It will take 800 to 1,000 years to gain a metre at this rate. However the rate of rise is slowing not gaining. That is nature?s way?. to everything there is a season.

by Owen Jennings