How big is that rock they live under in Alexandra?

Stupid People

Seriously, this scam?s been going over two years and there are still people who don?t know about it?

This is nothing more than a stupid tax. ?

At this stage, if ?Microsoft? phones you and wants your money, and you don?t know it?s not Microsoft, you deserve to be cleaned out.

Two Alexandra residents have been defrauded thousands of dollars by scam artists posing as Microsoft employees, police say.

The fraudsters have been calling residents and stating that viruses had been detected on their home computers. ??

During the calls they asked for remote access to the victims’ devices to fix the problem. In some instances they also asked for credit card information.

Police tonight said residents who received unsolicited calls shouldn’t attempt to purchase any software or services, neither should they give control of their computer to a third party.

Anyone who received such approaches should take the caller’s information and report them to police and to Netsafe at

I got called by these muppets the other day.

I spent two hours playing with them…between putting them on hold for 20 minutes at a time, and pretending to do things on my Microsoft loaded PC (I have a Mac) and giving them really strange answers.

Childish I know but I was bored.


– A Newspaper