I wonder if the CTU will refund the donations now

The other day we wrote about the CTU using Give A Little to?raise funds for their strike action against Talleys and AFFCO.

It seems they were all talk about the strike action, as it has been called off now.

A strike planned by Affco meat processing workers on Monday, and a rally at Parliament on Tuesday, have been called off.

The turnaround came after Meat Workers Union representatives met with Andrew Talley, director of Affco owner Talleys, plus iwi leaders Ken Mair and Tuku Morgan on Saturday.

Affco sites will meet in the coming days to consider developments. No further comment would be made by the union.

Workers at Affco’s eight North Island meat processing plants were to go on strike for two days this week in protest over what the union claims is their “third world conditions”. ??

The Meat Workers Union secretary Graham Cooke said the decision came after the Talley’s-owned company walked away from mediation this month and applied to end bargaining under the Government’s new employment laws – the first such application since the law came into effect.

About 1000 workers were to strike on Monday and Tuesday.

I wonder of the CTU will now refund all those donors, as it now seems that the rationale behind the solicitation of funds?no longer exists. Perhaps media might like to ask Helen Kelly…I would normally but she has me blocked on Twitter.

Mind you, they only raised $7000 for the cause…with 1000 workers they don’t even have enough for a Big Mac, chips and a Coke each.


– Fairfax