Intervention? You want intervention?

Health troughers are calling for more money to investigate interventions for fat bastard Maori too useless to get off their ever-widening arses.

A report out today on M?ori obesity levels ‘Challenges to addressing Obesity for Maori in Aotearoa-New Zealand’,published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, points to the need for more government intervention to help M?ori make better and healthier food choices.

The 2008/9 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey found that nearly half of all M?ori adults were obese.

The two leading causes of health inequality between M?ori and non-M?ori are diabetes and vascular disorders, which are often brought on by obesity.

The 2008/9 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey found that nearly half of all M?ori adults were obese.

The report was co-authored by Dr Lisa Te Morenga, Dr Rachael McLean and Dr Reremoana Theodore, from Otago University’s Departments of Human Nutrition and Preventive and Social Medicine.

The survey showed that M?ori are significantly more likely to experience obesity-related illnesses including pre-diabetes, high-blood pressure and heart attacks that non-M?ori and non-Pacific Islanders.

The report out today said the issue of obesity as a health problem for t?ngata whenua warranted urgent attention, and obesity and related illnesses looked to become an increasingly significant burden on New Zealand, with a greater burden on M?ori communities.

The solutions are easy, but it involves getting off your fat arse to implement. But veteran health trougher?Lisa Te Morenga has the answer…more “government support” which can be loosely translated into more money.

Report co-lead Dr Lisa Te Morenga, from the University of Otago, said improving the health of M?ori required a reduction in the socio-economic gap between them and non-M?ori.

She said New Zealanders lived in an environment which was really designed to encourage people to buy lots of unhealthy food.

“This restricts the ability to make healthier choices – when healthy foods and drinks are really expensive, it is much harder to choose those when there is a whole plethora of really cheap, high-calorie foods out there being marketed.

“We need to look at the costs of healthy foods and the marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks to children.”

She said it was difficult to make healthy choices when constrained by poverty, lack of education, lack of personal resources and a lack of food literacy.

Dr Te Morenga said it was in the best interests of all New Zealanders to close the gap.

“The people who are going to be paying taxes in 20 to 30 years time are going to be our M?ori rangitahi (young people) really.

“They are the people who are going to be looking after everyone who is going to be retired, so it is in everyone’s best interests to make sure that our young people have the best start in life with the best health,” she said

Dr Te Morenga said there was a groundswell within the M?ori health community to improve lifestyle-choices, but it required more Government support.

I’ve been saying that these health troughers are simply copying tobacco campaigns…and we finally get one of them to admit to it.

She also wanted the Government to tax sugary drinks.

“We need to send a clear message that sugary drinks are something that should not be consumed every day,” she said.

Dr Te Morenga said if the message was continually made and made loudly and strongly enough, then eventually the Government would come on board.

“They did it with tobacco legislation, didn’t they?”

If taxes are the answer then how about we implement a Fat Bastard Tax (FBT)…that would be one intervention that only affects fat bastards and not some skinny rake with a body like a half sucked throatie.

If it is interventions Lisa te Morenga wants then how about these suggestions that came in on the tipline last night?

  • Scales operated doors to fast food outlets
  • Ban Maori from accessing and buying non-approved food and drink
  • Ban Maori from fast food outlets

There are three interventions that cost almost nothing to implement that, coupled with a fat bastard tax, should see obesity reduce significantly.

Of course they could always cut back themselves, and exercise more…that costs nothing.

The one thing I can’t figure is why academic troughers all think that Maori are some useless race of fat, lazy bludgers who can’t engage enough brain power to work out they are literally eating themselves to death…so much so that they require the government to perform “interventions”.


– Radio NZ