Is Givealittle broken or just routinely abused?

The Council of Trade Unions is now collecting donations via Givealittle. ? ?This must really amuse the people at the Spark Foundation who set up the facility for charitable purposes.



I’m raising funds for a clearly stated purpose from my readers. ?And that’s apparently a scam worth calling the IRD in on. ?Yet unions have huge war chests, call strikes, put their workers on a TWO-DAY strike without pay (oh the hardship), and then go to the public begging for money with no clear purpose.

You tell me who is abusing the system, who is scamming, and who needs looking at by the authorities.

At the rate the left are abusing Givealittle, they are in serious danger of having it shut down altogether.


Political campaigns and industrial protests were not what the Spark Foundation had in mind when they extended this facility to the public.


So the money goes directly to the CTU.

After that?

Nobody knows.

Will the 1000 striking workers see any of it?