Maori ?King of Huntly? told to naff off by Ngapuhi, they reckon Auckland is “theirs”

Ngapuhi…who, I might point out, controlled Auckland by conquest, have told Tainui to bugger off.

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin said Friday’s announcement that Maori King Tuheitia will lay claim to Auckland, is a “bit cheeky”.

He told more than 500 people gathered at Turangawaewae Marae in Ngaruawahia, including Prime Minister John Key, he was determined to see the claim through.

“It must be done,” Tuheitia said on Friday. “I am determined to do it with the start of the Kingitanga claim in Tamaki.”

The claim extends north to Mahurangi, down the Firth of Thames and across to the Manukau Harbour and to Piha. ??

Rankin said in a release, that plans were already well under way for Ngaphui to make a Treaty claim on the greater Auckland area.

“Ngapuhi’s history in Auckland extends back for several centuries, and that there are numerous sites in the city that are sacred to the iwi,” he said.

“The King of Huntly is being a bit cheeky.??His ancestors didn’t even sign the treaty and now he wants a piece of the action. But Ngapuhi’s message to him is clear: keep out of Auckland until we’ve finished with it!

“Ngapuhi make up the single biggest Maori population in Auckland, so historically, and because of current occupation, Auckland is a Ngapuhi city first and foremost.”

The basis of the claim will be that because the Crown ignored Ngapuhi when settling the Auckland claim with Ngati Whatua, a breach of the treaty occurred, said Rankin.

Ooooh, burn. ?The King of Huntly looks like he?s picking up some tricks from central government and Len Brown: ?his very own way of asserting ownership and subsequently a kind of taxation on parts of the country that aren?t ?his?. ?

But, you know, as King he owns everything by definition…don?t he? ?

I think it?s a fair starting point. ?After all, Te Tiriti is nothing more than a Joint Venture between Maori and New Zealand Inc.

It is hilarious though, to watch two tribes going to war over Auckland…the greed is palpable.


– Fairfax