Michelle Boag is a bitter old bag and wrong as usual


Michelle Boag went on Radio Live with Sean Plunket and Mike Williams and made all sorts of allegations about me and my good mate Carrick Graham.

She really went to town on it and then threatened to take me to court using the cyber-bullying laws if I slagged the old bag off. She of course forgets that her comments?went out via streaming and have now been broadcast, also via Facebook. If she wants to go down that path then let’s have at it.

She has said she knows someone who has paid me not to say anything on my blog about them. That is a lie…because there is not a single person who has ever paid me to keep their name out of the blog…but she needs to come clean with the name of this person so I can invoice them for these services she claims I am providing.

She is totally and utterly wrong about that and about many of the other things she claimed.

I could easily sue her and Radio Live but I really can’t be bothered. Her attitude and bitterness say more about her than they do about me and it is clear she is still fighting the battles of the nineties.

Sean Plunket at least had the courtesy to ring me for comment and I refuted her allegations.

But…she makes a good point, and its a potential revenue stream I hadn’t previously considered.

So if you don’t want to ever be mentioned on the blog, ever, you know who to contact. Her quoted rates are a bit light though…and I will assess each application on a case-by-case basis.




– RadioLive