More MH370 debris found?


With the flaperon now confirmed as coming from flight?MH370, theories that it floated for long distances before it got to Reunion Island are now less likely as more plane debris is being found.

More plane wreckage, including a window, has been found on Reunion Island where a wing flap was earlier confirmed as coming from missing flight MH370.

Malaysia’s transport minister said a Malaysian team at the French territory of Reunion Island has collected other plane debris including a window and some aluminum foil.

But Liow Tiong Lai says he cannot confirm they belong to Flight 370, which went missing on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board. “I can only ascertain that it’s plane debris.”

Liow told reporters “there are many items collected” from the Indian Ocean island where the wing part was found last week.

Liow said the new debris has been sent “to the French authorities for verification. I cannot confirm that it’s from MH370.”

Liow says Malaysia has asked authorities in neighbouring areas, including Mauritius and Madagascar, to help comb their beaches for possible debris to widen the search.

Earlier, Australia said it will continue to lead the search into MH370.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott confirmed the search “must go on” and said that the discovery indicated the plane had crashed close to the place they had previously thought it had.

“What we have found in the West Indian Ocean does seem to indicate that the plane did come down more or less where we thought it did and it suggests for the first time we might be a little bit closer to solve this baffling mystery.”

The whole ocean current theory is going to be less likely if this debris ends up being from flight MH370 also. ?The plane would need to have crashed a lot closer to Reunion Island for that density of debris to wash ashore.


It does increase the likelihood that the crash site may be found as the pattern of debris will eliminate areas that were previously thought to be likely.

Unfortunately, the theories that have the plane landed somewhere after being hijacked aren’t supported by these new finds, and the minuscule hope that passengers were still alive, somewhere, appears to be all but gone.


– SMH,?AP, via Stuff