More populist tinkering by a third term National

The government is considering raising the speed limit on a few short pieces of road.

Speed limits of 110km/h could be on the way.

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss has revealed the Government is still considering increasing the speed limit on certain roads.

“There are potentially some roads – very high-class, Roads of National Significance – where that is possible,” Mr Foss said today.

“We are doing a bit of work in that space at the moment, no final decisions yet.

“Potentially the Transmission Gully, maybe the new Tauranga Motorway, the new road north of Auckland, the Waikato Expressway – that kind of class of road is potentially able to cope with [an increased speed limit].”

Mr Foss made his comments after being asked about an Automobile Association report that found a majority of its members wanted an increase in the open road speed limit on top-rated motorways to 110km/h.

The only roads thought to qualify for this new limit are the holiday highway past Orewa (which isn’t even built yet), the Waikato Express Way, and the new stretch of road in Tauranga. ?

So before you get all excited and want to put your foot down out of Taupo on the way to Napier, or on any of the nation?s already designated ?motorways?, you?re going to be disappointed. ?

The other issue will be enforcement. ?Will the ?tolerance? apply on these roads? ?So you can effectively drive at 119 km/h before getting ticketed? ?I would expect not. ?

So what we?ll have then is some roads where you can go 110km/h with no tolerance, and the rest you can drive 109 with a 9km/h tolerance. ?

In that case, what?s the point?

They should be making all motorways 110km/h like Australia…plus The Desert Road, the Taupo-Napier Highway and many roads in the South Island.


– A Newspaper