Muslim tax cheat moaning prison is too loud for his prayer sessions

A muslim tax cheat who dudded IRD more than $1million is having a cry about his conditions in prison.

A Muslim restaurateur who failed to pay $1 million in tax appealed his jail sentence because it would cause severe hardship in carrying out his religious duties.

Khalid Mehmood?didn’t believe in paying $1 million tax ? but the government didn’t have much sympathy and sent him to prison

Now, the restaurateur says jail itself is against his religion:?he isn’t fed a Halal diet, he can’t pray because the other inmates are too noisy, and he doesn’t have access to an Imam.

Again, authorities are unsympathetic. This week, the Court of Appeal upheld his three-year sentence in?Northland Region Corrections Facility.

Mehmood’s appeal failed after judges found no records of the prison receiving his complaints, and noted he had since moved to a newly-built prison in South Auckland where he was able to observe his duties.

He was sentenced last year after pleading guilty to filing 144 false tax returns through his business Areeb Khan Foods, which operated three Halal restaurants in Auckland and Hamilton.

He appealed the sentence, claiming it was “disproportionately severe” because it prevented him from observing daily religious protocols. He argued it was a hardship not generally suffered by other prisoners.

Boo hoo, dry your eyes.

His lawyer Jonathan Krebs said sentencing Judge Gerard Winter had not given Mehmood an appropriate discount for his “good character and for his fragile depressive state”.

According to the appeal judgment, the restaurateur fled civil war in Afghanistan, arriving in New Zealand in 1996 before founding Areeb Khan Foods, during which time he was given advice on his company’s tax liability.

For five-and-a-half years up until 2010, he understated staff wages by paying them partially in cash. The total amount avoided, including interest and penalties, was about $3.4m, court documents said.

The judgment said following an IRD investigation he claimed his wife divorced him and moved to Pakistan but investigators later discovered he had transferred $700,000 there ? payments the Crown was pursuing as part of a separate proceeding. He also devoided himself of assets and other funds to “frustrate the IRD”.

Mehmood initially pleaded not guilty to the offending and later was assessed as being depressive and suicidal, leading to an application for a stay in his trial’s proceedings, which was declined. In July 2014 he pleaded guilty to the offences but two months later claimed he’d been framed by a business competitor and the IRD.

In his appeal, Mehmood said he couldn’t pray in his prison cell because it had a toilet, or in other areas because fellow inmates were too noisy. He said he had no access to an Imam, couldn’t wash before and after praying, and refused to eat food that wasn’t Halal or vegetarian.

So Muslims not only want to pay no tax, they want to be excused from?prison for stealing from us, because they can’t pray, have halal food,?4 showers a day, and it is too noisy.

He should be deported, along?with his family.

We definitely don’t want any more of these supposed?refugees here.

Mind you, if he was in a SERCO prison then Kelvin Davis would be kicking up a stink about his poor treatment at the hands of evil corporates…but because he is in Corrections facility there isn’t a peep. I’m sure Labour will find a way to attack the government while they defend a tax cheat.


– Fairfax