Oh look, the Green Taliban are allowing Gareth Hughes back out to play

Shocking stuff. ?3.8% rise in power costs, and the government must step in?

If that?s the threshold, can Aucklanders please have first dibs on someone ?in the government? sorting out the 9.9% rates rises?

Household electricity prices have increased nearly 4 per cent in the past year, Government figures show.

Opposition parties said the rise beyond inflation showed shareholders in the privatised energy companies were cashing in at the expense of bill payers.

According to the Energy in New Zealand 2015 report, residential prices rose significantly more than the 0.1 per cent inflation incurred in the past year.

“The sales-based residential electricity cost for the March year 2015 rose 3.8 per cent in nominal terms on the March year 2014.”

Increased transmission and distribution charges was one of the main reasons for the increase, the report said. ??

The information was found on page 50 of a 52-page report. In a statement,?MBIE’s manager of energy and building trends, Bryan Field, made no mention of the price hike.

But he said?electricity consumption returned to growth after three consecutive years of decline.

“Electricity consumption in 2014 rose by 1.2 per cent to 39,210 gigawatt hours.

“A large increase in consumption – up 14.5 per cent from 2013 – from the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector was responsible for the majority of this increase.”

New Zealand has endured one of its coldest winters on record, and other Government agencies – most notably Housing NZ – have come under fire over damp and icy living conditions.

The Greens miss the point that price rises in electricity are demand driven…it has been fricken freezing this winter despite global warming (which the Greens want to stop), and the majority of our electricity is renewable (dams) which are running low as more and more power has been needed. They also forget that the economy is growing and that requires more power too.

We could always solve the problem though by Labour declaring a crisis in power.