Paul Henry likely to testify against Sue Bradford rent-a-mobster


Broadcaster Paul Henry is likely to be called to give evidence in the trial of a man charged with assaulting him.

Diego Leonardo Chavez, 35, appeared in Auckland District Court today to face two charges of assault.

Assisted by a Spanish interpreter he entered not guilty pleas and a judge-alone trial was scheduled for October.

The allegations relate to a protest outside Prime Minister John Key’s post-Budget speech at Auckland’s SkyCity events centre on May 22.

It was reported at the time that protesters led by veteran activist Sue Bradford charged at the entrances but were pushed back by police.

Henry was arriving at the Federal St complex for an unrelated matter when he was spotted by the crowd.

Police allege that Henry was “jostled, jeered and sworn at” and SkyCity security staff stepped in to protect him.

The court heard today that the case against Chavez would hinge on the evidence of an officer who could positively identify him.

We call them a rent-a-mob, but this guy isn’t even a local or speaks our language, yet he was incensed at John Keys’ budget?


If you ever needed a clearer example that these protesters are nothing but a bunch of thugs that are coming along for a bit of push ‘n shove, there you have it. ? Except?Diego Chavez didn’t understand that here we don’t go as far as they do overseas, so he managed to find himself on an assault charge.

Knowing Paul, he’s not going to go easy on him either. ? Pity Sue let her rent-a-thug do all the work for her. ? She’s too smart to get caught herself.


(and wherever there is a protest, there are the “Mana movement” flags. ?incongruously…)