Radio NZ forced to pull their head in

Radio NZ did a dreadful hit job on Oravida and David Wong-Tung over swamp kauri.

That story led Kelvin Davis and Winston Peters to lead an attack on the government in parliament.

There was however a major problem…the story was wrong. So wrong it looks like lawyers were called in.

On Tuesday, 16 June we broadcast a story (and subsequently published it on our website) about the contention of environmentalists in Northland that the Ministry for Primary Industries was failing to ensure that swamp kauri exports complied with the requirements of the Forests Act 1949.

The story referred to Oravida (and one of its directors David Wong-Tung) as a kauri wholesaler. ?

We accept that Oravida is not a kauri wholesaler and we did not intend to suggest that Oravida and Mr Wong Tung were involved in the illegal export of swamp kauri logs or that they had exported swamp kauri in breach of the Forests Act.

Radio New Zealand unreservedly apologises to Oravida and Mr Wong-Tung for its error and any suggestion they have acted unlawfully.

I wonder perhaps if Winston Peters and Kelvin Davis might also like to apologise for their dreadful slurs.

Some of the left wing blogs out there might also like to withdraw and apologise.


– Radio NZ