Seems reasonable to me, but he should ditch the girlfriend as well

There is only one thing in life worse than cats…cats that steal your bacon…and one bloke has?had enough calling in the cops to sort out his girlfriend’s cat.

A man dialled 999 to ask police to arrest his girlfriend and her cat after she allowed her pet to eat his bacon.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed that man wanted his girlfriend and her cat detained following the incident. ?

During the amazing recording, the call handler calmly asks the man what action he wants to be taken.

He replied: ‘I want to press charges’.

He is then asked: ‘Against who? Your girlfriend or the cat?’ and responds with: ‘Both of them.’

The call handler then says: ‘we don’t arrest cats’ before going on to explain that a cat eating bacon is not a criminal offence.

However. the man continues that someone is to blame.

He said: ‘No but my girlfriend allowed the cat to do it.’

West Yorkshire Police has brought this clip to the attention of the public in an attempt to highlight the thousands of time-wasting calls that their switchboard receives.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Though he also seems a bit of a sook…why he didn’t just put the cat in a sack?with a couple of bricks and take it for a long walk off a short pier.

Stealing bacon is not a laughing matter.


– Daily Mail