Sugar causes emergency response: how can we arrest the slide into national victimhood?

There used to be a time when someone would have looked at it and though ?oh, sugar?. ??

It?s not that hard to tell apart from other substances, and even just touching one grain on the tip of your tongue would have confirmed it. ?

But no, these days we have to shut down the whole street and get everyone from ESR to the bomb squad to come over and decide it?s sugar. ?

A sprinkling of sugar has caused a stir outside Levin’s WINZ office, prompting its building to be shut down for nearly half a day.

Emergency services were called to the office about 8.15am on Monday when staff reported a suspicious white substance had been discovered on the pavement outside WINZ’s front door.

Police say it appears as if someone came up with the hoax to get a reaction from emergency services. ?

“It’s very frustrating that a considerable amount of time and money has been spent by emergency services in dealing with this incident as well as the disruption caused to WINZ staff and clients and other members of the community,” Senior Sergeant Sarn Paroli said.

The building has been re-opened.

As a society, the more we act like victims, the more we box ourselves in over the most trivial and pathetic little things. ???

A lot of this country?s towns have a fountain, and the standard joke is to empty some detergent or washing powder into it and enjoy the bubbles and the foam. ??

This has occured for decades and decades without anyone first assuming it was a terrorist attack. ?

Can we get back to common sense and some degree of national pride? ?I doubt it.


– 3News