Taking the keys off idiot tourists is the first step

Police wouldn?t let someone wander around with a firearm, so why is driving a half-ton vehicle less dangerous?

Police seized the car keys of a tourist driver who repeatedly drove on the wrong side of the road, ignored a stop sign and almost caused several accidents.

Dunedin police officers rushed to Larnach Castle, near Dunedin, this afternoon after receiving “multiple calls” about the driver’s erratic behaviour behind the wheel.

The tourist had been involved in a series of near misses with fellow motorists on the 10km stretch of windy road leading to the castle.

Acting senior sergeant James Ure said vehicles travelling along the Otago Peninsula were forced to take evasive action to avoid head-on collisions when the car crossed the centre line.

“We had multiple calls of a rental car driving on the incorrect side of the road and straddling the centre of the road,” Ure said.

“There’s been a number of times he’s been driving on the wrong side of the road with oncoming traffic.”?

The rental car was also reported to have travelled through a stop sign, missing other vehicles which had the right of way.

Ure said when police arrived at Larnach Castle they moved to prevent the man from making the return trip home.

Police drove the driver and his passenger back to Dunedin.

Police also plan to take enforcement action against the foreign driver, but Ure said he was unsure if that would be a ticket or the laying of charges against him.

The company the man had rented the car from also terminated his contract.

Sure, they took the keys of him, but that should be the first step in a mandatory process that involved some jail time, a large fine, and a flight straight home afterwards.

Stop killing our kids. ?Stop killing our families. ??Stop driving in our country when you can?t even drive in your own.


– A Newspaper