Talk about inappropriate headlines

Len Brown relationships

Len Brown ?repaired relationship? with Ethnic Advisory Panel?

What? he?s bonking one again?

Auckland mayor Len Brown says he’s mended the wounds in the relationship between the council and its advisory panels.

Two members of the ratepayer-funded Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel and one member of the Disability Panel quit earlier this year over concerns the panels were being ignored.

Mr Brown said he had tried to improve communication by getting panels to provide advice directly to councillors and local boards. ?

“The advice they’re giving us wasn’t connected into our committee structure. It’s not about me, it’s about the local governing councillors and the local boards.”

He wants to reassure panels that the recommendations they make are taken seriously.

However, he thinks panels need to leave the decision-making to elected officials.

“People need to be confident and comfortable in the structures which are advising us, not directing us.”

Right…so no changes at all then. You talk, we pretend to listen…then do whatever we want anyway but hey we consulted you.

Len Brown’s arrogance knows no bounds.

Wait until he pisses off the Poofs Advisory Panel…it will be hand bags at dawn.


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