Talley?s not bending to union bullying – workers go on strike

Unions are destructive and so last century. ?Wherever they get involved they leave destruction in their wake.

Just look at the great job they have done with the Labour Party over the last 6 years.

But things aren?t looking up for Helen Kelly and her rent a mob, they?ve been put on notice.

The Meat Workers Union says its 1000 members at Affco plants in the North Island will go on strike for two days next week.

The union says members voted overwhelmingly for the strike action at the eight meat works after the company, owned by the Motueka-based Talley family, walked away from mediation last week.

Union national secretary Graham Cook said Affco was the first company to take advantage of an employment law change which allowed employers to walk away from mediation.

“Talley’s is an outlier in the meat industry in the way it deals with employment relations and health and safety,” he said. ?

Mr Cook said Affco had added new demands to reduce job security, threatened the union and others with legal action, and bullied their staff at work.

The strike is planned for Monday and Tuesday.


How quaint the CTU uses a fax machine to receive messages…shows how out of date they are. Shows how backwards they are.

I can’t remember the last time I used a fax machine.

The Meatworkers are dodgy, but not as dodgy as Helen Kelly’s CTU. They’ve been called out.

Someone should remind Helen Kelly she is dealing with people whose real name ends in “-cich”. They don’t back down so easily.


– 3News