The liveable city idiom is just another masked agenda


Auckland Council has sucked in everyone with a glossy utopian vision of how Auckland could look and be. But the problem is that?it’s a nonsense and it’s all about control.

A ‘liveable city’ is truly the most ridiculous notion ever invented. It’s yet another intangible subjective hog wash?moral high ground.

I’ve noticed over the years that the left of the world have slowly but surely hijacked seemingly moral high grounds because they know that it’s?difficult to argue against them without looking like a tool. Take the environment.?Hardly anyone?is going to say that the environment doesn’t need to be looked after. And to make sure nobody does they create a villain in corporates and rich people and say that the environment is at risk because of these corporates and rich people who will kill off the planet. Bad corporates. Bad rich people.

You see, after years of getting nowhere in politics, the extreme left parties worked out that ‘highjacking’ the moral high ground of the environment would be good for votes and that it’s impossible to say you won’t support the notion in principle. Despite that, for decades they didn’t really give a toss.

Admittedly, the strategy is a good one in so far as it has boosted votes and propelled some ideas to the forefront of the general population’s convictions. There is a?percentage of?people who think the environment is at the brink and that we should all change our lifestyles to ensure the world can survive. Never letting the facts get in the way of a good cause, this has brought lots of seemingly smart people to vote for parties that perhaps 20 years ago they wouldn’t have approached with a barge pole. Imagine voting for Social Credit in the 80s when they clearly aligned themselves with communism. ?

The point is – much of what is commandeered by the left is done solely for popular reasons. Sure, plenty of them now believe in it, but in the beginning…

The creep of these socialist ideologies has made the biggest strides in local government. Under the guise of urban planning the social engineers have been busy planning how you should live your life. You see, the left don’t believe in letting people have a choice; they believe their way is so righteous that they will steam roll it through and, just to be sure you don’t protest, they will give rise to moral high grounds to justify the movement.

Like a ‘liveable city’.

On the surface it’s hard to work out just what is meant by that term. But scratch around a little deeper and you will find social agenda with lipstick on it. It’s got nothing really to do with making the city a better place and more to do with control and forcing their ideals on the populace. Let’s not forget how the Russians and other communist nations tried to force people to accept apartments and public transport. But as soon as it collapsed the people went straight back to aspiring to owning homes and cars and having the freedom and liberty to do whatever they pleased.

Turning?a ‘liveable city’ notion?into an international?competition makes for a comparison that otherwise would slip past the ordinary person. Who thinks about which city is the best? People probably wouldn’t give it a second’s thought. But with a notion like ‘liveable city’ there comes the opportunity to sell to the people of Auckland what they don’t have and to tell them their city sucks, but ‘don’t worry we have a plan and we will make it the best’. Hooray! A heroic drive to be the best.

What Auckland needs right now is not to be sucked into the nonsense of comparing itself to other cities. That kind of envious ‘over the fence’ mentality is called ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and we all know that it doesn’t lead to good places.

And let’s not forget how the rest of the world really lives. Most people live in third world countries with high disease, low education, major conflict and a short life expectancy. I’d suggest that it’s rather foolish and selfish?of us to be obsessed with a perfect lifestyle and a determination to spend billions to achieve it. In worldly terms, we are already at the top of the pyramid. We are very rich people indeed and, in the context of the rest of the world, we should be a bit ashamed of the direction local government is taking Auckland.

Which brings me back to the left. Whilst the left blow hard about caring about humanity it is hard to believe them.?Because, when you dig deeper?and consider the left and their advocates, you find that?most are?train spotters and loathing self-interest groups pushing agendas and exerting their own ideas onto others in a controlling manner.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not going soft. But it’s incredibly ironic.

Where it concerns a liveable city, the advocates and those making a song and a dance about it are nothing more than idealistic peddlers of a dream that will cost hundreds of billions to pursue and at which we will never arrive. But that’s the point of it. Keep pursuing it and spending money and exerting control.

Because all that the left?have ever really wanted is to be in control and to make you and I live the way that they want us to. All they have done is highjack a high ground and are masking over what it’s really all about.

And the liveable city idiom is just another masked agenda.