TPP talks falter, no deal at moment, left are confused as they never wanted the deal anyway

The left?wing has harped on forever about the TPP process, cloaked in secrecy, allegedly bad for NZ, imploring John Key to walk away from the deal.

That looks like it has happened.

Trade Minister Tim Groser says he is disappointed a landmark free-trade pact stumbled after talks broke down in Hawaii.

Negotiations among 12 Pacific nations failed to reach a conclusion.

“Good progress was made this week, but a number of challenging issues remain, including intellectual property and market access for dairy products”, Mr Groser said.

“We will continue to work toward a successful conclusion. This is about getting the best possible deal for New Zealand, not a deal at any cost.” ?

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations are aimed at erasing most tariffs and other barriers to trade and investment among participants.

It would also clarify and standardize trade rules, making it easier for companies to sell goods and services in the Pacific Rim.

The wide-ranging discussions have addressed tariffs on autos, rice and dairy products, as well as intellectual property protections for pharmaceuticals.

Reading from a statement on behalf of all the ministers, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said they have agreed to be engaged intensively but haven’t yet set a date yet for future discussions.

He said some issues are bilateral in nature, and some will involve groups.

Watch Labour and the Greens now try to blame John Key for the failure of an agreement they never wanted.

John Key though will likely say that his government refused to do a deal that was bad for New Zealand and the carping and whinging?of?the left will be ignored.

John Key’s stocks will rise again…people will say “See that nice Mr John Key is looking after us still” and life and the government will continue on.

The opposition’s attacks are essentially destroyed.


– a newspaper