Winston sets the whingers off, just like he planned

Winston Peters showed yesterday why he is the real leader of the opposition by nutting off about Mike Hosking and his bias. Andrew Little and the Greens followed his lead like dutiful little puppets.

In Newstalk ZB’s television advert, Mike Hosking breathlessly exclaims, “we keep pushing, asking the hard questions seeking clarity and ultimately resolution. We never sleep because your conversations never do, so if you want to be in the know, join us in the now”. How then does he reconcile such highfalutin claims with a disgraceful piece of writing he penned in the Herald on August 13: Misery peddlers are milking a crisis?

It is the clearest sign yet that Mr Hosking is a National Party stooge. So much so, his show should be counted against National’s electoral advertising.

Mr Hosking has the temerity to believe that he knows more about what’s happening down on the farm than the elected Member of Parliament of a dairy farming electorate, who comes off a dairy farm and knows the difference between a cow and a bull? What is Mr Hosking’s farming experience, his local organic supermarket?

Unlike this well-paid mouthpiece farmers know our dairy industry is going through the floor. These are not my words but a Farmers Weekly commentator who further adds, “timber is having major issues, lamb and wool are suffering and Auckland house prices are going ballistic”.

Wah, wah, wah…Winston.

Why should Hosking be neutral?

Everyone knows Red Radio isn?t. Speaking of which it seems Red Radio has become the retirement home for failed pinko media personalities.

But here?is the thing – you never heard anyone from the right in politics whinging up a storm about John Campbell and his bias, or David Fisher and his, or Matt Nippert and his, or anyone at Red Radio and their clear biases…we just get on with it and knock the bastards over.

Winston is being precious, but at the same time showing Andrew Little up for the political pygmy he is…Little walked right into that trap from Winston Peters.

No wonder Winston is now polling higher than Little.


-?A newspaper