September 2015

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A coup, recorded


Today’s Trivia


Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?

Mars Sunsets are blue. If you were standing on Mars, one would only see blue glow when the Sun was near the horizon. (Source)

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More than a sign


Only the speed of light is faster


Daily Roundup


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Problems with the workers? No worries, just install robots, stupid people no longer need apply


Union bosses are yet to see this coming, but the more they agitate the more employers will consider replacing them with robots that don’t whine, don’t stop and don’t get tired.

Automation is stalking the workforce and ironically in high risk industries like forestry where OSH laws are becoming tiresome along with union lobbying.

In China the first zero-labour factory is now being built…this will herald the beginning of the end of unions and their workers.

A manufacturing hub in South China’s Guangdong province has begun constructing the city’s first zero-labor factory, a signal that the local authorities are bringing into effect its”robot assembling line” strategy.

Dongguan-based private company Everwin Precision Technology Ltd is pushing toward putting 1,000 robots in use in its first phase of the zero-labor project, China NationalRadio reported. It said the company has already put first 100 robots on the assembly line.   Read more »


Guest Post on Garages as homes

Horror of horrors, there are 50 people living in cars, and 137 in garages in Auckland.  Now I quite agree that living in a car is not a good idea.  You have no way of changing, washing, sleeping stretched out etc.  But somehow garages are seen as appalling conditions.  I suspect that is a value judgement made by people who have garages either full of junk or cars.  Frequently we hear stories about people in Northland or the Coromandel living in garages as though this is a sign that we are living in a third world country and is as  bad as living on top of a rubbish tip.

We see housing as being of a particular standard – one we are accustomed to in our own lives.  Which is why the 20 somethings whinge that they cannot buy a house of the standard of their parents in the suburb of their choice.

But if you have spent your childhood in a sleep out or sharing your Mother’s bedroom, a garage might seem a luxury.  In my early adult hood, my husband-to- be moved into my bedroom but the strain of being quiet at intimate moments in case my young brother and sisters heard us was too much and we moved to the outside shed.  We insulated it, and put wall paper up and loved it!  It was still a shed but it was private.   Read more »


Broadcasting Standards breached four times by Mike Hosking

…or so the BSA says.  I think it’s all kind of woolly.

In April this year, a waitress said that she took offence to Key repeatedly tugging her ponytail when he came into the cafe she worked at.

Broadcaster Mike Hosking covered the topic at the time on the television programme Seven Sharp.

He said the waitress’ motivations for speaking out were “selfish” and “a puffed up self-involved pile of political bollocks”.

He also said the café owners were the “victims” of the situation.

He said: “To quote the waitress concerned today, ‘I felt New Zealand should know’. What a puffed up, self-involved pile of political bollocks. She had a problem at work. The owners were the people to consult, not a blogger.”

The BSA chose not to see the political dimension of that carefully crafted Dirty Politics hit piece by Wrongly Wrongson and his team of unionistas. Read more »