Telling the Truth about Fran O’Sullivan and Dirty Politics

Following on from my post this morning

After Nicky Hager made these claims the usual suspects took to Twitter and protested far too much.


Fran O?Sullivan didn?t rate a mention in Hager?s the book about me called ?Dirty Politics?. She should have. In a usual two faced fashion, she chastised Rachel Glucina last night for her ethics when only last week she congratulated her on Twitter for her new venture Scout. Also unlike Fran O?Sullivan, Rachel Glucina never passed me anything back to run hit jobs on her behalf for her own personal vendettas.


I know precisely to whom I have talked over the years and there can be no way there was anyone else Hager could have meant in the Gallery other than Fran O?Sullivan. Over the months from that threat by Hager you would have to be Helen Keller not to notice Fran O?Sullivan has turned on the Key office. She has argued it is a noble and ethical turn. I beg to differ, it has been a turn based on fear of what Hager has on her.

Last night Fran O’Sullivan sat jovially on a stage with the man who profited from the criminal?actions of a hacker. She spoke about events?and the media one year on from Dirty Politics. Also on stage with her?was a man who ran hour after hour of biased coverage excitedly?pumping the man who profited from the illegal actions of a hacker. She then dined with many of the people who set out to destroy me mentally and physically?and interrupt the lives of my wife and children and everyone around me.

I wasn’t invited to this left wing love fest?so I thought I would contribute some documents today that show precisely how donkey deep Fran O’Sullivan really was in Dirty?Politics and how like many people, used me to peddle information?when it suited their personal agenda.

The difference between Fran and the rest of those people is that none have been stupid enough to behave like she has since and have stayed very quiet. Also?none have sat doing it next to Nicky Hager as though they are now his puppet. Fran has previously seen fit to publish personal correspondence to her?in her columns to defend what she thought was a wrong so I weighed this up in the decision to?breach her privacy likewise and publish her emails to me without consent.

It is in the public interest, now she has hoist her own petard, that I respond to?her claims and show precisely what she knew and happily?participated in. She is after all now in a very senior position at the largest newspaper in New Zealand in charge of the reputation of its business reporting.

The following is an unsolicited email as recent as 2014, just two hours after I published a short post examining Michelle Boag?s endorsement of Len Brown. At the time I was mercilessly telling the truth about Len Brown?s antics. Something Nicky Hager now thinks was ?Dirty Politics?.



That’s right, Fran O?Sullivan directed me to information to perform a hit job on her good friend Michelle Boag because she didn?t like her commentary.

This is the very sort of conduct and ?laundering of information? that so appalled Nicky Hager and his gushing fans. Boag and O?Sullivan?s personal grudge goes back to the Winebox?days (and there is a story in that too). There was nothing in Fran O’Sullivan’s tip once I checked it out so I never ran the information on my blog.

Of course there is more to it than this.?? Plenty more.

If Fran O?Sullivan can sit down with John Campbell, Dita de Boni and Nicky Hager and lie about me then I can surely now start to tell the truth about her.


Stay tuned.