80% of Maori believe the Government (that?s you and me) isn?t helping them enough

Bludgers be bludgers.

Four out of five Maori believe the New Zealand Government is not doing enough to combat poverty in the community.

Around 17 percent of New Zealand’s population, or 622,000 people, are assessed to be in poverty with Maori and Pacific Islanders considered to be some of the highest risk groups.

Motu Economic and Public Policy research revealed that 82 percent of Maori surveyed believe the government is not adequately addressing the issue.

It compares with 51 percent of non-Maori.

Maori tend to have more “leftist” beliefs than non-Maori, the report released today says, with the majority of responses believing that many live in need because society is unfair.

But Motu affiliate and Auckland University’s Professor Robert MacCulloch says how Maori have formed these beliefs is unclear.

“It’s impossible to say whether these differences in economic beliefs are due to long-standing cultural differences or perceptions of historical injustices,” he said.

“Or more recent experiences of discrimination amongst Maori.”

Really, let’s look at this then shall we.

We have paid literally billions in treaty settlements.

Despite being about 15% of the population about 30% of beneficiaries are Maori…more money right there. Maori are certainly getting more welfare money per head of population than any other ethnicity.

Then there is Whanau Ora, race based social services, which got $50 million more in this year’s budget and now tops out at?millions more. Just check the budget documents.

Plus another $2.1 million for a suicide prevention programme targeting Maori youth in Budget 2015.

And another?$12.8 million for a new Te Ture Whenua Maori Network to help Maori land owners improve the productivity of their land, targeting areas such as Northland, East Coast, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu, and Whanganui.

Then there is?operating funding of $35.3 million over the next four years to improve housing outcomes for wh?nau M?ori, again from Budget 2015.

$5.7 million a year is set aside for the M?ori Housing Network. This will fund regional housing development facilitators that will provide practical assistance and expertise at a local level.

$28 million over four years currently committed to improve housing through the K?inga Whenua infrastructure grant and the rural and M?ori housing initiative.

A full list of Vote Maori Development is eye watering. It is $249,672,000. This money available just for Maori…over an above all our other spending in Welfare, Health and Education.

It is race based funding, that other ethnicities don’t get a look in on.

And these bludgers have the temerity to want more?

No wonder people think IWI stands for I Want It.


– 3News