After months of white-anting by the Media Party, Abbott is rolled by Turnbull

Ever since Tony Abbott became the PM the Media Party has white-anted him in Australia. They finally created enough negativity that Malcolm Turnbull felt emboldened enough to knife him in a leadership spill last night.

The Liberal Party is now resembling our Labour Party with 4 leaders in as many years.

Malcolm Turnbull has seized the?prime minister?s job with a vow?to offer a ?different style of?leadership? to tackle the ?nation?s economic problems, toppling Tony Abbott by 54 to 44 votes in a sudden and extraordinary ballot last night.

Cabinet ministers including Liberal deputy Julie Bishop threw their support behind Mr Turnbull to give him a convincing majority to drive Mr Abbott from power and end months of agonising over the government?s failure to restore its political fortunes. ?

Ms Bishop prevailed in a vote on the deputy?s position by 70 to 30 votes against Kevin Andrews, the Defence Minister who was one of Mr Abbott?s strongest allies.

The outcome clears the way for a dramatic overhaul of the entire government, with cabinet ministers facing pressure to quit, and one key appointment being the likely choice of Scott Morrison to replace Joe Hockey as Treasurer.

Liberal MPs voted for change in the hope that a new leader could intensify pressure on Bill Shorten and reverse the Coalition?s slump in the polls, amid despair in some parts of the government over Labor?s crushing lead.

Speaking to media just before 11pm, Mr Turnbull said that he ?assumed the government would run its full term, scotching the idea raised in recent days of a rush to the polls to take Labor by surprise.

It beggars belief that Shorten’s Labor Party is ahead in the polls with all the corruption allegations hanging over them.

What’s done is done, and now it will be Malcolm Turnbull’s turn to be under pressure from the Media Party, who are hell bent on returning the corrupt Labor Party to power with their assistance.


– The Australian