Angry Andy doesn?t disappoint: pities Australia

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re winning I tell you, we’re winning

I would have thought Andrew Little would have had a lot of empathy for Malcolm Turnbull.

The Australian government and the NZ Labour Party are actually very similar when it comes to not being able to settle on a leader. ?Little is a seat warmer too, and he knows it.

Labour leader Andrew Little says he pities Australia if its new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, wants to be like New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

He said Mr Key had presided over seven deficits, a growing public debt, and an economy that did not have much to show for seven years of a National Government.

“If that’s Malcolm Turnbull’s ambitions, then I pity Australia.” ??

In Mr Turnbull’s first press conference last night after ousting Tony Abbott from the job, he complimented Mr Key’s leadership style, saying he had an ability to take the public with him over economic reforms by respecting the intelligence of people, explaining the issues and putting the case for change.

Mr Little said there was a deep-seated problem in Australia where it seemed politicians did not have confidence in each other or the system.

“I don’t know exactly what it is apart perhaps from something in Canberra’s water but it is an unusual turn of events for a large, developed country like Australia to have such a rapid change in Prime Ministers and no Prime Minister serving out their full parliamentary term.”

He said there a disturbing level of instability within the political establishment that was not healthy for Australia.

“And for New Zealand, which relies on trade with Australia, it is not actually healthy for us either.”

What a drop kick…way to go winning friends, not.

Not even Bill Shorten wanted to speak to Andrew Little at Gallipoli…he cut a lonely figure, almost a Nigel No-Mates.

The problem with Andrew Little is he looks and sounds so angry all the time, it portrays a negative personality, and voters won’t vote for a dork without a smile.


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