Anmol Seth: Bogus fund and bogus fund certificates

Anmol Seth: The Billionaire of Flat Bush

Anmol Seth: The Bogus Billionaire of Flat Bush

ONE OF the country?s top financial watchdogs have been asked to investigate forged investment certificates issued by bogus billionaire and conman extraordinaire Anmol Seth.

Seth is the businessman who has swindled millions of dollars out of Indian investors through a highly theatrical web of deceit and the bogus promise of sky-high returns on phony investment opportunities.

The serial fantasist – who resides in Flatbush, Auckland ? operates at least 50 fictitious companies in New Zealand under the umbrella of the ?Anmol Group? and regularly posts on Facebook and Twitter about his glamorous jet-set lifestyle and involvement in multimillion-dollar business deals.

Through those bogus companies, it is understood Seth ? who claims to be a qualified lawyer and accountant – has made large GST claims on start-up ventures that never materialize.

He claims the Anmol Group started from ?humble beginnings? in 1971 with the company focusing on architectural design.

According to Seth, it then expanded ?into various niches?, establishing businesses in hospitality finance, investments and the IT sector to eventually become a multi-national corporation.

None of this is true. ??

The Anmol Group is not an international conglomerate. Seth runs his ?business? out of his home in Briar Vale Place, Flatbush and uses flashy cars and jewelry to give the appearance he has money and success.

In the past month complaints have been lodged with the Inland Revenue and the Bank of New Zealand, who hold a security on Seth?s Rolls Royce, about the con man?s involvement in GST fraud and money laundering.

Now the Financial Markets Authority have been alerted to dodgy investment certificates issued in the name of the Anmol Fund ? a company that exists in name only.

Whaleoil has obtained documents showing Auckland woman Akanksha Singh invested $40,000 with the ?Anmol Fund? back in February 2014. Singh runs a Pita Pit franchise in Botany.

Seth then issued Singh with forged investment certificates – documents he?d downloaded from the Internet.

Both documents are crude in their execution. Genuine certificates would require that the Anmol Fund existed in law and met all of the requirements of the Securities Act 1978 and the Financial Markets Act 2013.

Such requirements would be that the fund had a registered prospectus outlining its financial status inclusive of its income and liabilities. That prospectus would also require monthly auditing by a trustee company to ensure the fund operated within the financial paradigms quoted in the prospectus.

Copies of two investment certificates obtained by Whaleoil show there is no certificate number, a requirement by law. The ?seal? on each certificate is also different ? clear evidence the documents are forgeries.

In the letter of complaint to the FMA, the complainant says the certificates clearly do not comply with FMA or Securities Act provisions and regulations.

He said Seth had engaged in using ?these forgeries? to obtain ?a significant benefit or cause significant loss to a person? which was an offence under the Crimes Act.

The fact the certificates were forgeries as the fund did not exist was clearly an offence under Section 256 of the Crimes Act.

?This clown has a couple of staff that would break in a Flatbush second when made aware of the likely offending they have been involved in,? said the complainant.

For his part, Seth denies conning money out of anyone.

In an earlier interview, he said: ?I stood for the right. It is really hard? but the truth always prevails.?

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Anmol Group documents

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