Auckland Council steals more roads and gives them to buses

It?s going to become a self-fullfilling prophecy this way.

By reducing the available roads for car and truck traffic, it will get all snarled up while public transport sails by unimpeded, thereby ?proving? public transport is ?better?.

Auckland Transport is creating extra CBD bus lanes in a bid to limit disruption to timetables once it starts digging up roads for the $2.5 billion underground rail extension.

The council organisation has begun marking up 1.2 kilometres of extra lanes into the city centre, ready for when it starts tunnelling a new stormwater main under the eastern side of Albert St in November.

That is a precursor to a big trench to be dug next year along Albert St – a key bus route into downtown Auckland – from Customs St to just west of Wyndham St. ??

But even the stormwater tunnelling is expected to affect traffic lanes at intersections with Victoria, Swanson and Wellesley streets, so Auckland Transport is moving some bus routes and stops to new locations away from the work.

The new lanes will be designated for round-the-clock exclusive use of buses, bikes and emergency vehicles every day of the week.

The cynical thing is that they are stealing the road from motorists to give to buses because they are already reducing available roads due to the creation of underground rail.

And, in case you were wondering, motorists pay to be on the road, but somehow they aren?t able to insist on keeping them.


– A newspaper