Aussie Union and Labor ratbag found guilty of paying for hookers and other services on union credit cards

The ALP tried to cover up for Craig Thomson, they hung on for grim death and the man himself declared and professed his innocence, turns out he is guilty as charged.

Disgraced former union boss Craig Thomson is facing financial penalties after the federal court ruled he did pay for escorts and political campaign activities with Health Services Union money.

The Fair Work Commission sued Thomson, seeking penalties and for compensation to be paid to the HSU, for transactions he charged to the union between 2003 and 2007.

On Friday, Justice Christopher Jessup found Thomson did improperly use HSU money during his time as secretary.

Thomson did not defend himself against the workplace relations tribunal’s claim.

In March, he left the court and did not return after Justice Jessup dismissed his application to have the matter thrown out on the grounds he was mentally unfit. ??

On Friday, Justice Jessup published a ruling in which he found Thomson had used union money for his own benefit.

Starting on April 7, 2005, Thomson used HSU credit cards to pay for a string of escorts in breach of the Workplace Relations Act.

Justice Jessup said he was not persuaded transactions relating to an escourt visit in April 2005 were in keeping with Thomson’s duties as HSU National Secretary.

He found further spending on sex workers in May 2005, June 2005 and September 2006 was also in breach.

A June 2005 job sheet for a Sydney brothel indicates about an hour and a half in the ‘Red Turbo Spa Room’ was paid for by the Health Services Union.

Thomson told union staff to record the spending as ‘meeting expenses’.

In September 2005, Thomson charged $3575.68 for food, flights and travel to the Health Services Union, which Justice Jessup said was also a breach, as it appeared Thomson was spending the time house hunting.

Looks like Thomson was just the usual run of the mill union ratbag buying favours to ease his way into parliament.


– Sky News