Burn or bury? What will you do?

Heaven Sent Pet Cremations in Mosgiel has been operating since 1994, and conducts, on average, 25 cremations a week, a number that has been increasing year on year.

”We are certainly getting busier,” co-owner Graham Spence, a former architect, said.

”Everyone is renting and on the move so they can’t always bury their pet. Or, sometimes they have buried it and then want it exhumed so they can take it with them.”

Forty percent of Heaven Sent’s cremations are dogs, 30% cats and the remaining animals are a mixture of rabbits, birds, alpacas, pet sheep – even a turtle. …

As part of the ”cradle to grave” pet care that Murray’s offers, the vet service has designated a special ”family room” for people to spend time with their pets who have died. It is quiet, non-clinical and has a discreet side door which bypasses the waiting room so people can slip out unnoticed after saying their goodbyes.

Heaven Sent also has a dedicated ”visiting room” arranged exactly like a funeral parlour with comfortable seating, a viewing platform and dim lighting.

”Sometimes we do have to move people on because they just find it very difficult to say goodbye. A pet becomes part of the family,” Mr Spence said.

Heaven Sent also had two funeral ministers on call if clients wished to organise a funeral ceremony, but this only happened ”rarely”, Mr Spence said.

More common were people who chose to keep their deceased pet at home for a night or two to allow them time to grieve.

What have you done/will you do after you lose your pet? ? Do you have a collection of urns and boxes on display?