Campaign to gather sympathy for Lycra-clad road maggots backfires

The truck has to cross the centre line putting every one in danger to avoid the road maggot.

The truck has to cross the centre line putting everyone in danger to avoid the road maggot.

Just who was it that had the brain injury to suggest that if a car and a bicycle are closer than 1.5m apart, it?s the car driver?s fault? ?

How can you even determine that?

And where is the opposite law, where a bicycle isn?t allowed more than 1m from the left of the road, and definitely not allowed to ride side-by-side endangering themselves and others as cars have to pass.

Another media generated beat-up, and another one backfires.

Covert footage of motorists passing dangerously close to cyclists in Marlborough has highlighted the severity of the problem to police, a highway patrol officer says.

Members of the Marlborough Bunch Riders?cycling group have been capturing some close calls with trucks and cars for the past six months using rear bike lights that double as cameras. ??

They turned the footage over to police, but instead of calling for the offenders to be prosecuted they asked for the drivers to be educated.

The first member of the group to start using the cameras was Chris van der Venter.

Van der Venter said they preferred education to prosecution , even if prosecution was an option.

“We prefer it to aggravating people by demanding they be prosecuted,” he said.

Marlborough highway patrol team leader Sergeant Barrie Greenall said he applauded the cyclists’ attitude.

Seeing the footage made it clear there was a problem with motorists not taking cyclists into consideration and education was the best way to tackle it.

However, he was not ruling out prosecution .

“In the majority of cases people have said to me they don’t even remember seeing a cyclist. People aren’t planning for how they are going to safely overtake a cyclist when they see one, instead they are just seeing them as another obstacle,” Greenall said.

Is this cop a fool? on drugs?

Look at the video again, and the image above, those trucks are having to cross the centre line to avoid the road maggots…if Foss brings in his dopey rule then even his gay ute would have trouble complying and remaining inside the lane.

When cyclists pay a registration and road user fees then they get to have a say on the road, until then get out of the way of trucks who pay a fortune to drive on those roads.


– Fairfax