Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Mayors smarter than John Key

I have no problem with New Zealand taking in genuine refugees. ?

If we have a process in place where we take persecuted Christians that would be a great start. ??

Now all we have to do is wait for Key to wise up and realise he?s gone from the frying pan into the fire, and the only way left out of it is to follow suit.

The French government has condemned two mayors who say they would only take in Christian refugees, as the country prepares to receive the first group of about 24,000 migrants.

“You don’t sort [refugees] on the basis of religion. The right to asylum is a universal right,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Tuesday evening (local time), hours before about 200 were expected to arrive from Germany.

Under pressure to respond to Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since World War II, President Francois Hollande announced on Monday that France would take in 24,000 people over two years. ?

As a first gesture of solidarity with Germany, which is shouldering the lion’s share of the new arrivals, France will rapidly take in 1000 Syrians, Iraqis and Eritreans, he said.

But the decision caused unease in some quarters, and the mayor of the central town of Roanne, Yves Nicolin, said on Monday he would only take in Christians in order to be “certain they are not terrorists in disguise”.

Roanne would settle “a dozen families, providing they are Christian refugees who are persecuted in Syria by Daesh [the Islamic State group] for being Christians”, he said.

Damien Meslot, mayor of Belfort in eastern France, also said he would only consider taking in Christian families from Iraq and Syria because “they are the most persecuted”.

The mayors both belong to the main opposition party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Those mayors are smart…have a look at the no go areas of Paris. Clearly the PM and the President, both cocky little French roosters, haven’t learned a thing from Charlie Hebdo.

The next elections in Europe is probably going to see a clean out of the left…across the board.

Now I wonder if John Key will have a rush of brains to the void that currently seems to be between his ears.

– 3News