Climate warmists upset no one is taking them seriously

I?m sure it has nothing to do with climate science being a scam and scientists being seen as agenda pushing troughers. ??

Besides, apart from a few low lying places getting wet feet, a warming planet is great news. ?

But the push is on to convince us otherwise.

Climate change is predicted to bring us higher sea levels, more extreme weather and a world of other catastrophic consequences – but when it comes making people act, the answer may lie in accentuating the positive rather than the negative.

In a comprehensive study published today in major journal Nature Climate Change, 28 researchers from around the world examined which factors were most likely to result in people taking action.

More than 6000 people across the 24 participating countries were surveyed about their climate change beliefs and pro-environmental actions, and also whether climate change actions would result in co-benefits such as reduced pollution, increased economic development or a more caring and ethical community.

The team found that co-benefits were a powerful motivator for people, even for those unconcerned or unconvinced about climate change. ?

If people believed that addressing climate change would result in a more caring and moral community, the study found, they were more likely to act.

People were also more motivated to act on climate change if they thought it would produce economic and scientific development, although this was more likely to be true in the case of richer countries taking part in the survey.

However, they also found that some of the most commonly cited co-benefits, such as reducing pollution or disease, had no significant impact.

“While talking about the reality of climate change is important, we want people to act – and by talking about benefits, this might create more engagement,” said Victoria University psychologist Dr Taciano Milfont, who co-ordinated the study alongside Dr Paul Bain of the Queensland University of Technology and Professor Yoshihisa Kashima from the University of Melbourne.

“We know that just talking about the negative consequences might not engage people to act, because it becomes such a big problem that people don’t feel like it.

“We also knew that a positive message could be much more interesting, but this is the first large scale study looking at the co-benefits.”

Dr Bain also said the traditional approach to convince people to care about climate change by emphasising its devastating consequences had so far failed.

“Governments and individuals have not yet taken widespread meaningful action, so we wanted to find alternative ways to encourage people to make a difference.”

We have seen all sorts of predictions from warmists, none of which has come true…including their projections and charts showing alarming increases in temperature which have failed to materialise.

What is utterly hilarious is watching the same people telling us how we are all going to die…because warming…then in the next breath talk about how terrible it is poor people are living in cold damp houses…despite the increased warming.

The whole climate change thing has been over egged by warmists and their predictions have failed utterly. No wonder we don’t believe them anymore.


– A Newspaper