Former Archbishop of Canterbury says Britain should help ‘crush’ Isil in Syria

The left-wing are moaning that Syria has been caused by us…it’s our fault, and therefore we should be helping the refugees.

It is an interesting claim because when asked to commit forces to Iraq to help battle ISIS/ISIL/IS they were at pains to demand that we didn’t participate in fighting these bad wogs.

Now they are saying we have to be involved in picking the up the pieces of their abject cowardice.

At the least the former Archbishop of Canterbury has got the stones to say it like it is.

Britain should “crush” Isil by taking part in military action in Syria, a former Archbishop of Canterbury suggests today amid mounting calls for further air strikes.

In an article for The Telegraph, Lord Carey says that it is “not enough” to send aid to Syria and admit thousands of refugees to this country.

He argues that Isil needs to be dealt with “for once and for all” and that “air strikes and other British military assistance” may be needed in Syria. ??

He also says Britain should be prioritising Christian refugees who are victims of “ethnic cleansing” and have been crucified, beheaded, raped, and subjected to forced conversion by Isil.

The comments from one of Britain’s most senior religious figures are likely to be welcomed by David Cameron, who has suggested that military intervention is required to solve the Syrian crisis.

He is known to favour voting on the issue after the Commons returns on Monday, but will wait until after Labour’s leadership elections to try and secure a “genuine consensus” in the Commons.

George Osborne, the Chancellor, said on Saturday that the Syrian crisis needs to be dealt with “at source” in Syria by taking on the “evil” Assad regime and Isil.

In a hint that the government is preparing for military action, he said that the failure to adopt a “comprehensive plan” for a “more stable, peaceful Syria” will simply “let that crisis fester”.

Talking about taking on Assad is just stupid, that means they are talking about fighting Vladimir Putin and Russia, since they are the ones propping up Assad.

Removing Assad would be like removing Saddam Hussein and Muamar Gaddafi….that worked well in those countries…as the left-wing also are at pains to point out.

Exchanging one murderous ratbag for a bunch of other murderous ratbags doesn’t seem like a good plan.

Bombing the shit out of all of them does though. The Frogs certainly seem to think so.

Francois Hollande, the French President, is preparing to extend airstrikes against Isil targets from Iraq to Syria. He is expected to make an announcement on Monday.

The decision to extend the bombing campaigns is likely to become even more controversial after Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, confirmed for the first time that he is providing Assad’s regime with “serious” training and support.

He refused to rule out direct military intervention in future amid reports that it has significantly expanded its involvement in recent months.

It is really very rich of the left-wing to be demanding we do something about the crisis, when they opposed doing something last year…and opposed any troops going to Iraq at all.

If anyone caused this crisis in Syria and Iraq it was the left-wing demanding withdrawal before the battles were won.


– The Telegraph