Give the cops a medal

A gunman has been nailed by cops in Upper Hutt yesterday.

That’s what happens when you walk the streets threatening people with firearms.

Police have shot and killed an armed man who had fired a high-powered rifle inside a McDonald’s in Upper Hutt on Tuesday afternoon.

Main St in Upper Hutt, north of Wellington, was closed after the incident and police are continuing to investigate the scene.

At a press conference outside the Upper Hutt police station, Wellington district commander?Superintendent Sam Hoyle said the man had fired at least once inside McDonald’s before he was shot outside by frontline police officers, not armed offenders squad members.

The shooting had been referred to the Independent Police Conduct Authority, which has confirmed it will be investigating.

Hoyle said police were called at 12.40pm and, when officers arrived, they “were fired upon”.

You shoot at cops, you get dead, simple.

I feel sorry for the cops who had to shoot him…they will be stood down and facing investigation, when the only questions they should be answering is why they didn’t use all the ammunition in their magazines.

Of course a newspaper is now claiming that the cops shot a man ready to surrender…they would, they are criminal friendly.

However the facts are somewhat different. The Police were fired upon by the man, making any claims he was giving up?specious.

Hoyle said police were called at 12.40pm and, when officers arrived, they “were fired upon”.

They have spoken with the man involved and attempted a peaceful resolution with him; after some minutes, he has?been shot by police.”

Hoyle would not confirm details about the gunman, including whether he had a criminal history, or his motivation for the incident.

Police could not use non-lethal options, such as a Taser, because the man was firing a “high-powered rifle” in a crowded CBD in the middle of the day, he said. “The tactical options they used were the appropriate ones.”

The man was speaking to police and members of the public shortly?before he was shot. Hoyle would not say how many times the man was shot.

He was shot enough…to stop him permanently.

The taxpayers should be grateful as the vast expense of a trial and incarceration have been saved.

Give the cops a medal, job well done.


– Fairfax