Hitler has entered the flag debate

I’ve ignored the social media driven idiocy behind the Red Peak “swastika” as it deserved no attention. ? But yesterday NZ First stood up in parliament and seriously put it up as a reason to keep the current flag.


I can’t even begin to describe how absurd that is for an argument to retain the current flag. ? Given four current flags, we can also make a swastika out of it. ?


Sure, it’s not as “nazi-ish”, but it just goes to show that with basic geometric patterns, you can “prove” New Zealand was part of Nazi Germany all along.

Or something.

Wherever you are on this flag debate… keep or don’t keep… ferns or peaks… can we stop insulting people’s intelligence and not try to make Hitler responsible for everything?

Thank you so much.


The world is laughing at us.





Are you embarrassed? ? I am.